Chicago Cubs Podcast - University of Illinois Chicago Alumni Exchange Hosts William S. Bike Talk on 1970 Cubs Book

Last Updated On: September 13, 2021
I had a great time discussing my book, The Forgotten 1970 Chicago Cubs: Go And Glow, for the University of Illinois Chicago Alumni Exchange.

Caryn Korman, executive director of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Alumni Association, hosted me to talk about my book The Forgotten 1970 Chicago Cubs: Go and Glow on August 25 for the UIC Alumni Association’s Alumni Exchange program. Hear the podcast now!

Alumni Exchange is a virtual event series featuring news, knowledge, and entertainment of interest to UIC alumni and to the public.

Why A Book About the 1970 Cubs?

Caryn asked me why I wrote a book about the 1970 Chicago Cubs, when it the 1969 team that is so well-remembered.

I pointed out that the 1970 Chicago Cubs are actually more interesting than that iconic 1969 club. It was a year with a hot, three-team pennant race that went down to the wire. It was the year that the concept of “Beautiful Wrigley Field” came into play, and the Cubs made a rare midseason change to the dimensions of the field to make it so.

It was the year the Cubs acquired Milt Pappas and Joe Pepitione, two good players who not only became keys to them winning, but who became favorites of Cubs fans for years afterwards.

I compared the 1970 Cubs’ 12-game losing streak to the 2021 Cubs’ first 11-game losing streak—and how the teams reacted in very different ways to those setbacks.

UIC Connection

I also talked about how with me having been part of UIC for a quarter-century, I not only wrote a book that is fun, but that is a scholarly work, too, with 115 footnotes.

Caryn was interested in learning more about the UIC connection with the Cubs and the expression “out in left field.” I explained that when the Cubs played on Chicago’s West Side before moving to Wrigley Field, the University of Illinois’ mental health facility was located outside the West Side Grounds’ left field wall. Hence, the phrase “out in left field” came to mean something unusual or even crazy.

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